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#9014: closing page with FLV playback sends HUP to other processes
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 I have BE 26493 running on ArchLinux. All my processes/daemons are
 started/supervises via runit. When I launch FLV playback in mythweb and
 pressing back in browser (or close) web page - all processes in my BE
 which are enabled to HUP are closed (e.g. dhcpd, smartmod, xined, nfsd,
 etc). It looks like mythweb after detecting closed web page - sends HUP
 and this is affecting many system processes. I'm not sure is this issue an
 result of my system miss-configuration, or bug in mythweb.[[BR]]

 Steeps to reproduce:[[BR]]

 1.Launch FLV playback in mythweb[[BR]]

 2.wait till it start play[[BR]]

 3.close page in web browser or press BACK on web browser[[BR]]

 4.after few seconds there is HUP signal sent to daemons/processes - and
 some of them are exiting.[[BR]]

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