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Sun Sep 26 17:29:03 UTC 2010

#8188: Truncated translate in MythCenter and MythCenter-wide
 Reporter:  Choteau <gillessoixantequatorze@…>          |           Owner:  danielk   
     Type:  patch                                       |          Status:  infoneeded
 Priority:  trivial                                     |       Milestone:  0.24      
Component:  Themes                                      |         Version:  unknown   
 Severity:  low                                         |      Resolution:            
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Comment (by gillessoixantequatorze@…):

 Think to see my work and sorry for my bad english and for patch's rejets,
 i attach the new patch

 I try to find good way to see complete texte in all language with
 resolution 800x600, 1280x720 and more.
 Inside this patch, you can find many parts, same modifications are
 trivial (for me) or not, one introduce new design of page with new words
 et one change the look of the page and need you approbation. Because the
 problem isn't only for MythCenter-Wide inside you find same parts for
 all wide themes

 1) in defaut-wide/netvision_ui, i increase the "search" expression
 area et move the button. this is trivial and available for the wide theme

 2) in defaut-wide/mythvideo_ui (itemdetailpopup), i propose to use
 the "rating" area for cast, this area is multiline it's necessary for
 cast not for rating. I move "rating" at the end of director line. I
 verify it's applied for all themes . This modification is in defaut wide
 and also in mythcenter-wide.

 3) in defaut-wide/mythvideo_ui (meatdatasettings, playersettings,
 file_associations) : trivail for me, change the width of many areas in
 video_settings pages. Those modifications are in defaut-wide and also in
 the mythcenter-wide

 4) in mythcenter_wide/video_ui; rebuilt the edit_metadata page with
 new textes

 5) in mythcenter_wide/schedule_ui: I revisite this page and add an
 extra large area for the active position. This change the look and i am
 sure it's not good because in this case, we can have a very big green
 active area with a small text. It's possible to reduce this effect with
 the gradient or with a new background picture

 I needs your feeling for all this modifications before to make more. I
 prefer change the theme inside mythtv but if it's too difficult, i can
 create a new theme

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