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#9086: [PATCH i18n] Spanish translation
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Comment (by amlopezalonso@…):

 Hi Reynaldo,

 I have just attached the cleaned patch (please ignore the duplicate as it
 was my fault. Sorry!). Just some observations:

 1) I feel "Ítem" is not as utilized as "Elemento" in translated apps
 (that's why I preferred the latter though I have changed it upon your

 2) "Vídeo" is the common used word not only in Argentina but also in Spain
 (as well as being the only form accepted by the RAE). Anyway, I reverted

 3) I used the formal expression for the second person as I feel it gives a
 more professional looking to the interface (but that's only my opinion: I
 have reverted it).

 4) "Callsign" is commonly translated as "Indicativo (ID)" by radio users,
 so I used "ID de Emisora", as the english term could be obscure for a non-

 5) I choose "Configuración" over "Ajustes" as it seems there is not a
 preferred translation between both terms across MythTV sources and because
 I feel it is a more widely used term in computer apps.

 6) I kept "script" as it is, though there are looooonger, less ambiguous
 translations as "archivo de órdenes" or "archivo de proceso por lotes". I
 think that even "programa" is more understandable for a non-tech.

 7) "Comando/Orden" is the most controversial issue for me as the RAE
 clearly states that the former is reserved for military contexts and my
 opinion is that, though widely used in the IT environment, is an
 unnecessary, longer anglicism. IMHO, there is no ambiguity in using the
 latter: an "orden" is always given to someone or to somewhat, no matter it
 is a person or a computer. Nevertheless, I reverted it to "Comando".

 And that's all for now! I'll wait for your new comments.


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