[mythtv-commits] Ticket #8356: Mythweather: need to be less US-centric

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Sat Jun 19 10:56:30 UTC 2010

#8356: Mythweather: need to be less US-centric
 Reporter:  Alec leamas <gmail: leamas.alec>  |       Owner:  beirdo    
     Type:  defect                            |      Status:  assigned  
 Priority:  minor                             |   Milestone:  unknown   
Component:  Plugin - MythWeather              |     Version:  Trunk Head
 Severity:  low                               |     Mlocked:  0         

Comment(by beirdo):

  * I don't see why you'd want to force 2 decimal places on all
 temperatures.  That seems like overkill.  Perhaps one, but even that's
 overkill, really.

  * I'm not sure what you are trying to do here.  It makes no sense to me
 to mash the metric and non-metric together.  The system's setup to show
 one or the other, not both, and I seriously doubt many people would ever
 want both.

  * much of this is predicated on the changes in script-fixes-1.patch
  * The idea of failing gracefully on missing data is good.  I'll consider
 this, but the implementation leaves a lot to be desired
  * using printf in perl is not often needed, especially to print strings.

 Patches rejected.  I will look into making the scripts fail out more
 gracefully however.

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