[mythtv-commits] Ticket #5750: Unable to play most of my h264 videos since .21 release

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Sun Sep 28 06:58:10 UTC 2008

#5750: Unable to play most of my h264 videos since .21 release
 Reporter:  anonymous  |        Owner:  awithers
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Comment(by anonymous):

 When I looked at the logs from the two versions, I noticed the following:

 Old pre-.21 revision:
 WriteAudio: Preparing 6144 bytes (1536 frames)
 2008-09-27 21:51:29.450 AO: audio waiting for space on soundcard: have 832
 need 6144

 .21 and later:
 NVP::AddAudioData():p1: Audio buffer overflow, audio data lost!

 From the logs, it appears the older version was able to buffer audio until
 the hardware could handle it whereas the newer code simply overflows and
 loses the data.  Then again, without reading the code, I could be way off.

 All three of my machines do use on-board audio with intel drivers
 (snd_intel8x0 and snd_hda_intel).

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