[mythtv-commits] Ticket #5750: Unable to play most of my h264 videos since .21 release

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Sun Sep 28 00:44:58 UTC 2008

#5750: Unable to play most of my h264 videos since .21 release
 Reporter:  anonymous  |       Owner:  awithers
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 I am unable to play most of my video collection using .21-fixes. I tried
 again today with r18457 hoping the recent ffmpeg sync (r18372) would make
 a difference.  The last revision I was able to play these with was from
 November 8, 2007.  The most obvious change after that point was the multi-
 channel audio merge.

 Videos that don't play have accelerated sound and choppy video.  Verbose
 output shows numerous " NVP::AddAudioData():p1: Audio buffer overflow,
 audio data lost!" entries.  The few videos that do play, do so without
 those messages.

 My video collection is all ripped from DVD and encoded with mencoder using
 "-ovc x264 -x264encopts bitrate=1200:pass=2:deblock:cabac:threads=auto -vf
 hqdn3d=2:1:2 -oac copy".  I do use 2 pass encoding.

 I am attaching logs of a video with and without problems with "-v

 My last attempt to build mythtv used "./configure --enable-proc-opt
 --disable-ffmpeg-pthreads".  Enabling or disabling ffmpeg-pthreads makes
 no difference.  I am having this problem on three machines with different
 processors (Opteron 180, E8400 and an AppleTV).

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