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Mon Dec 8 00:12:21 UTC 2008

#2287: mythtv-vid: X11 Video output fixes branch
 Reporter:  danielk  |        Owner:  danielk 
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Comment(by danielk):

 (In [19277]) Refs #2287. Don't try to restart LiveTV if we have hit an
 irrecoverable error in starting LiveTV.

 Basically the reasoning is that if we hit an irrecoverable error once, we
 will likely hit it again and again on each retry.

 This could easilly be extended to retry a few times before giving up, but
 I've only seen this occur with truly irrecoverable errors, such as the
 recording directory not being mounted. In trunk we set wantsToQuit to true
 for these irrecoverable errors, but that is not correct, since wantsToQuit
 indicates that the user wants to quit the app, and when there is an
 irrecoverable error we really want to show an error dialog then quit..

 AFAIK: This problem really only occurs in practice because we haven't
 ported the error dialogs in the NVP and TV classes to Qt4 yet, but even
 once we do -- this change will prevent infinite loops if we forget to
 implement an error exit dialog for some irrecoverable eror.

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