[mythtv-users] Culling my MythTV channels

Fred Hamilton fred at yonkitime.com
Sun Mar 21 22:35:16 UTC 2021

Here's what I think I know:

- Schedules Direct now only supports the XMLTV format
- The only(?) way to download Schedules Direct data to mythtv v31 is by
using "Schedules Direct JSON API (xmltv)" (or similar depending on your
- My source.xmltv file looks like:
- I'm not actually sure what channel-id-format and mode should be, maybe
one is set wrong?

Here are my known unknowns:
- In this XMLTV-only world, what exactly does the Schedules Direct lineup
edit page (https://www.schedulesdirect.org/lineups/edit/xxxxxxxx) do?
- What does "enabling" or "disabling" a channel do?
- It seems like Schedules Direct can *add* channels to the myth database,
but it can't delete them?

I'd really like to understand this better.  If there's a FAQ or
documentation that explains this please let me know!  Right now the more I
read the more confused I get.

Thanks everyone.
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