[mythtv-users] Culling my MythTV channels

Fred Hamilton fred at yonkitime.com
Fri Mar 19 22:27:30 UTC 2021

Hi All,

This seems like a pretty basic question, but I've been searching and trying
things for over two hours to no avail and I'm just tired.

My cable provider and Schedules Direct have maybe 1000 channels, but I only
want to see a small subset, maybe 200 of them in my guide.  I essentially
want to pretend the other 800 don't exist.

I have enabled the 200 I want and disabled the 800 I don't in the Schedules
Direct web interface.  However running mythfilldatabase
--only-update-channels still leaves me with the entire lineup.
What's the smart way to fix this without manually deleting 800 channels in
mythtv-setup's channel editor or MythWeb's channel editor (where they would
probably come back anyway)?

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