[mythtv-users] Working recent NUC with 4k and HD audio?

Justin Moore justin.nonwork at gmail.com
Mon Mar 15 12:32:55 UTC 2021


I'm looking to upgrade my home theater system to a 4k at 60 TV with 7.1
surround. Currently I have an HD TV with 7.1 surround hooked up to a ~2015
NUC, which is great except the NUC is not 4k at 60-compatible and is starting
to die.

A few years ago I got a Kaby Lake NUC box thinking that it would be the
4k+HD-audio+IR-capable system all in one box, but that ... was not the

So does anyone have a current NUC unit running a Myth frontend hooked up to
a 4k at 60-capable receiver/TV setup and gotten HD audio working? It *seems*
like it should work, but I'm finding conflicting information online
(shocker). I'm hoping to find actual testimonials from people who have this
setup. The Kodi forums claim working HD-audio[3][4] but it doesn't mention
the hardware.

Longer notes for the curious:
My use case:
- 4k at 60Hz video
- HD audio (preferably pass-through)
- MythTV frontend UI/capabilities (parental controls are a must, at least)
- works with a IR remote control
- [preferred] small form factor

I've dug into the Intel help pages, the archives for this list, and the
support Wiki and found a few options, but none of them seem to fit my use
case.[5] E.g.,

- it's unclear if the newer NUC units actually do HD audio with passthrough
in Linux;
- Amazon Fire Stick 4k doesn't actually do 4k and requires an Amazon login;
- NVidia Shield doesn't do 4k video.

Obviously a NUC would be the ideal solution, but I'd like to get at least
one person who can stand up and say "yes, this basic setup of a receiver
and 4k TV will work" before I spend more time and money on a snipe hunt. :)


[1] http://lists.mythtv.org/pipermail/mythtv-users/2018-January/394550.html
[3] https://kodi.wiki/view/PulseAudio#Passthrough_Mode
[4] https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=356360
[5] https://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Android#Devices
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