[mythtv-users] Current generation low-power graphics card to use for 4K TV (both MythTV frontent and content)

James jam at tigger.ws
Tue Mar 9 22:39:13 UTC 2021

> On 9 Mar 2021, at 11:52 pm, Bob <mythtv at cox.net> wrote:
> Thanks for the response. What enclosure are you using for the external HDD? I suspect I need aluminum or metal of some sort since the disk will always be spinning (heat issues, I live in Arizona). I currently have WD 5400RPM drive so it should get too hot. Thanks.

It is not a WD passport but a seagate 'same thing' of 5T ie a little plastic box and heat is no problem

Perth can  get hot. I turn on the aircon at 33C inside (um 90F) (outside 40) and smartmon shows the temp in 40s

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