[mythtv-users] mac build (really about h264 editing)

James jam at tigger.ws
Mon Mar 1 13:31:43 UTC 2021

> On 1 Mar 2021, at 8:43 pm, John Pilkington <johnpilk222 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi James:  You kindly sent me that script at the time.  I had to hack it because I didn't have your directory structure, but when I got it working the results had serious A/V sync problems.
> I noticed that it used the 'demux' mode of concat in ffmpeg, rather than the 'protocol' version, and I have tweaked one of my scripts the do the same.  I'm still experimenting and am now reasonably happy - but I'm still not sure why I got the A/V sync problem and you presumably don't.

John I'm sure one is got by the 'fine print' Certainly none of the AU stations do this, I'll be curious what Dennis experiences.

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