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> On Mon, 2021-07-26 at 14:39 +1200, Stephen Worthington wrote:
> > On Sun, 25 Jul 2021 14:16:51 -0400, you wrote:
> >
> >
> > You will need to create a bare-bones xorg.conf manually.  There are
> > automated ways of doing it (eg "X -configure" from a TTY with the
> > desktop shut down), but they will create far too much configuration
> > with detailed settings for everything.  What you want is just to
> > specify the minimum, add your EDID bits, and leave the rest to be set
> > up automatically by X.  A template for what you need is here:
> >
> > https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config
> >
> > You will need to look at the relevant Xorg.*.log file to find the
> > names being used for everything.  As well as referencing the hardware
> > devices, they are used to match the sections of config together, so
> > the "Monitor" name in the "Screen" section needs to reference the
> > "Identifier" name you used in the "Monitor" section.  There are heaps
> > of examples of xorg.conf files posted on the net to look at, but do
> > not be tempted to just copy one as that never works due to the names
> > not matching.
> >
> > BTW I am surprised that your Xorg.1.log file is using 1 for the
> > display number.  That normally only happens if you are running more
> > than one display - the first display is usually numbered 0.  So it
> > might pay to see if you do have an Xorg.0.log file somewhere.  If you
> > have the mlocate package installed, run "updatedb" and then "locate
> > Xorg.0.log".  And check the timestamp on the log file to make sure it
> > is the one that X is currently writing to.
> You don't need an full xorg.conf file any longer. You can put just the
> non-default bits you need in individual files in the xorg.conf.d
> directory, although I believe the files have to start with a two digit
> number and end with ".conf', i.e. 50-xorg-tweaks-intel.conf. Your call
> on whether to use one file or multiple. On my system with an Intel
> HD500 I have 'Option "HotPlug" "false"' in the Monitor section. This
> might help the screen blanking with your Intel Xe Graphics. That sounds
> like it could be monitor auto-detection kicking in. What does your log
> file say when the blanking happens?
> The other way to set the EDID is from the kernel command line. You can
> add "drm.edid_firmware=<yourEdidFilename>" to the kernel arguments in
> grub. The file name is relative to the /lib/firmware directory. I have
> my system set up this way, although I can't remember what forced me to
> this from the xorg.conf.d method that I had been using for years. (I
> can't tell from the earlier discussion whether you have multiple
> displays, and I don't know what this assignment would do with multiple
> displays. I assume it would assign them all the same edid file.)
> David

David,  I think the Option "HotPlug"   " false"  had a big effect on how
quick the TV responses when switched back to the PC.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Jim A
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