[mythtv-users] master: DVB-T segfaults in mythtv-setup and mythbackend

John Pilkington johnpilk222 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 31 15:07:43 UTC 2021

On 31/01/2021 12:30, John Pilkington wrote:
> Hi:  I now have current master 823e708 built and installed under el7; 
> thanks to Gary for his taglib bump.
> But it has a DVB-segfault problem which also affects the Fedora 32 box 
> at ccec025, and I saw something very similar with the ubuntu 18.04 ppa 
> on Thursday before that box got reconfigured (rather more drastically 
> than I had intended) for other duties.
> The F32 box seems normal unless in Live TV mode, when it fails to lock. 
> I have tried retuning the el7 box but that segfaults before the end of 
> an 'all transports' scan.  It also shows this on an in-and-out run (from 
> the command line) of 'MYTHTV_NO_EGL=1 mythtv-setup'

This very strange.  I started mythbackend and let it run.  EIT crawl 
stared after 5 min and reported a segfault.  A recording is still 
playing with an overlay saying that MythContext cannot connect.  At one 
stage I could select any one of the latest 10 or so recordings to play, 
but now there's only the 'Could not connect' box.

On restarting the backend it looks likely to repeat the sequence.


2021-01-31 14:36:02.784 I  TVRec[3]: TuningFrequency
2021-01-31 14:41:07.880 I  Reschedule requested for MATCH 0 1 0 
2021-02-07T22:00:00Z EITScanner
2021-01-31 14:41:08.032 I  Scheduled 2 items in 0.0 = 0.01 match + 0.01 
check + 0.01 place
2021-01-31 14:41:08.326 C  'DVBRead': MThread epilog was never run! 
2021-01-31 14:41:08.326 C  'DVBRead': MThread destructor called while 
thread still running! (DVBRead)
2021-01-31 14:41:08.354 C  Received Segmentation fault: Code 2, PID 
-121778576, UID 32718, Value 0x00000000
Segmentation fault
[john at HP_Box ~]$


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