[mythtv-users] mac build (really about h264 editing)

John Hoyt john.hoyt at gmail.com
Sun Jan 31 13:57:35 UTC 2021

> John <smiling lots> I can't believe anybody would do real editing with
> nano. I have used vi since it ran on a PDP/11 with 100K ram, and have never
> looked back.

You could have also been an emacs guy :) - nano is great for simple edits,
but definitely not my tool of choice when doing complex edits.

> I changed the export from enabled to packages and I now have an issue that
> I only saw on Exit - the frontend GUI now occupies every 'space' in Apple
> terminology ie every workspace or desktop.

Strange - this edit should have only updated the app's internal python
package to find the bundled mythtv python goodies.  I'm clueless as to why
the GUI started acting up.

The grabber works

Great - it did on my test VM as well, but I wanted to make sure.

John P / Mark - given James experienced some new segfaults in the cutlist
editor, any other thoughts / breadcrumbs to fixes in master that may help?
My guess is the linux qt5 version James is using is more robust to failures
than the mac build. Not sure if there's something that can be done to the
mac code to better handle the crashes averting the segfaults.
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