[mythtv-users] 2021: Good cheap frontends for sports?

Jeff jffry at posteo.net
Fri Jan 29 06:17:16 UTC 2021

On 28/01/2021 22:55, Greg Woods wrote:
> Just as a data point: I use a Raspberry Pi 4 as a frontend, set up as 
> described in the MythTV Wiki, and it works fine. I watch a lot of NFL 
> Football and some NHL Hockey, and it looks great. I get my content from 
> HD Comcast channels.

As it was just a case of

sudo apt install kodi kodi-pvr-mythtv

in standard Raspbian buster, I gave it a go on my RPi 3b, which talks to 
a v31 backend. Initial tests show the playback to be definitely 
watchable, much better than mythtv-light on the same RPi 3b. Skipping 
forwards and backwards is fluid.

I'll have to keep mythtv-light or another myth frontend around, to set 
up custom recordings and the like. Otherwise, for the moment, I am happy 
with it.



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