[mythtv-users] mac build

James Linder jam at tigger.ws
Fri Jan 29 00:05:07 UTC 2021

> On 28 Jan 2021, at 7:06 pm, John Hoyt <john.hoyt at gmail.com> wrote:
> I don't know precisely how master relates to the versions in the mac 
> build, but (again) this may be relevant.  I started getting crashes in 
> the cutlist editor after a bunch of commits to master in late October. 
> The crashes went away after the commit that I mentioned earlier, but 
> editing still had occasional 20-second hangups that happened not 
> randomly, but unpredictably.
> James is  running a mac build of v31 (not master) compiled in mid-December which was cloned from to to include commits through e9b795a1e43023b4141a28b9c620213097cdfbfe
> I do also post master builds less frequently - but since most of the macOS community stayed with v31 for their backend I haven't heard too many requests for help on master.
>  The next time I package up mac applications (hopefully this weekend), I'll make a version that backports the master fix you suggested into v31 to see if it helps.
> It's too early to be certain, but after another bunch of commits 
> yesterday I have not seen any of these hangups.  Perhaps the 
> 'UIButtonList' was involved again.  (Thanks, Mark_K)  That's in Fedora 
> 32.  Unfortunately most of my recordings have been on  my el7 system, 
> for which I can't now build because of the taglib bump the day before...
> I'll take a look at these as well in case they can help the issues for v31
> Back to the seektable:  I find the 'commflag --rebuild' recipe usually 
> reliable, but I don't think it will repair defective files, and it 
> doesn't regenerate seektables for DVB-T radio or, iirc, other formats 
> such as mkv or mp4.
> interesting.  That may be why "mythtranscode --video --buildindex" worked for me on James' video (.ts H264) while mythcommflag failed for James.

This question may very well pass as on topic, at dusk with the light behind it
(appologies to any ladies on list Gilbert and Sullivan were chauvinistic)

to use mythfrontend --noupnp, cause it works for me, how can I make a dock launcher that does this. I can make an app that launches with arguments, (with Automator) but the dock launcher this spawns is the original mythfrontend without arguments.

I can build an app with upnp disabled, but what is best

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