[mythtv-users] 2021: Good cheap frontends for sports?

Josh Rosenberg mythtv at desh.info
Wed Jan 27 17:36:53 UTC 2021

Hey, all. My Zotac ZBOX-ID84 that I bought used 4 years ago might be biting
the dust, so it's time for a new frontend again. Since I watch a fair bit
of sports, I don't think Raspberry Pi or the Android-based frontends give
quite the oomph I need for 720p/1080i sports, let alone higher quality.
(See my previous thread at
https://lists.archive.carbon60.com/mythtv/users/626703 .)

My instinct is to buy another ZBox and use VDPAU again, but I haven't kept
up on the latest developments with VAAPI or NVDEC. From a quick search, it
seems like buying hardware with a plan to use VDPAU might not be the best
option in 2021. Does anyone have any specific suggestions for something
that's Zbox sized or smaller and would make a good frontend for a sports
fan in this day and age?

Josh Rosenberg
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