[mythtv-users] videos anf scal

James Linder jam at tigger.ws
Thu Jan 21 08:12:50 UTC 2021

> I have a place for movies
> /store/Movies/Myth-A Myth-B .. Myth-Z
> I put an Attenbourgh clip under -A
> [sandypit] /home/jam [1001]% find /store/Movies/ -name 'Galapagos*'
> /store/Movies/Myth-A/Galapagos 1x02.avi.map
> /store/Movies/Myth-A/Galapagos 1x02.avi
> [sandypit] /home/jam [1001]%
> But the clip appears under Myth-E
> Nothing in the meta data hints at that.
> If I scan an empty directory (/store/Movies) then put all my movies back and scan again (cleaning the db then start from scratch) will I lose my (hard gained) metadata ?
> Thanks
> James
> PS avi cause my samsung chokes on uPnP mp4 container, but it's USB media chokes on avi and plays the mp4 (in each case the streams are unaltered)

* I scanned an empty Movies directory
* restored the files
* scanned

All meta data was gone
Files were still in wrong folder ie File located in Myth-A appeared in Myth-E (as above)

* I restored the database to recover meta data

opinion wanted:
Have I pushed my db past it’s limits ?
It is very hard to file a bug

"Steps to reproduce” - take my files, scan them, see they go to wrong directory. :-)


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