[mythtv-users] Skewed text and video display on widescreen 5120x1440

Mark Kendall mark.kendall at gmail.com
Fri Jan 15 18:07:58 UTC 2021


The size info looks OK in the EDID;

221e0103807722 << these are the width and height. 77 is 119 in decimal
= 119cm. 22 is 34 = 34cm.

119/34 = 3.5 - which is almost your aspect ratio (stupid EDID data
can't do accurate here).

Try the following and see what Qt thinks it is using:-

QT_LOGGING_RULES=qt.qpa.*=true mythfrontend

You should see something like this in the first few lines (from my
current machine):-

qt.qpa.screen: adding QXcbScreen(0xbea100, name="HDMI-A-0",
geometry=1680x1050+0+0, availableGeometry=1680x1023+0+27,
devicePixelRatio=1.0, logicalDpi=QPair(96.0,96.0),
physicalSize=434.0x270.0mm, screenNumber=0, virtualSize=1680x1050
(1680.0x1050.0mm), orientation=Qt::LandscapeOrientation, depth=24,
refreshRate=59.9, root=6af, windowManagerName="GNOME Shell") (Primary:
true )



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