[mythtv-users] output from ffprobe

James Linder jam at tigger.ws
Thu Jan 7 03:37:13 UTC 2021

I tried to catch the output of mythffprobe. Failure.
A quick browse os stack-exchange revealed one of their rare rubish sprouts
(ffprobe does NOT write to stdout or stderr so trying to redirect those streams will fail)

/store/Movies [1025]% (mythffprobe Myth-G/The\ Grand\ Budapest\ Hotel.mp4) | less

looked promising (ie worked as expected)


/store/Movies [1025]% (mythffprobe Myth-G/The\ Grand\ Budapest\ Hotel.mp4) | cat > ~/probe

did not.
Hours spent pouring over the manual (for a -o file type option) were fruitless.
Anybody please . . .

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