[mythtv-users] Important: Changes to Metadata lookup in March 2021

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Tue Feb 23 09:34:54 UTC 2021

On Mon, Feb 22, 2021 at 03:41:35PM -0500, Peter Bennett wrote:

> If you have recording rules that have inetref specified as ttvdb.py_nnnnn
> these must be changed or metadata lookups for future recordings will fail.
> Appropriate values are as follows:
>  * tmdb3tv.py_nnnnn for lookup of TV series using themoviedb.org.
>  * tvmaze.py_nnnnn for lookup of TV series using tvmaze.com.
>  * tmdb3.py_nnnnn for lookup of movies using themoviedb.org.
> In each case, nnnnn is the inetref for the series or movie at the
> appropriate site. These numbers are different for each site, so you cannot
> just change the prefix.

To get a quick idea of how many rules are affected by this,
is this a reasonable query to make?

[mythconverg]> select title,inetref from record where inetref like 't%';
| title            | inetref         |
| PBS NewsHour     | ttvdb.py_81388  |
| Backyard Science | ttvdb.py_259567 |
2 rows in set (0.001 sec)

I ask because there are bunch of tables with 'inetref' columns -
I am guessing the recording rules live in the 'record' table.

I'm not not going to be changing things with sql, but it seems
a query like this might make fixing things quicker if only a
few rules are affected.

Just to repeat your explanation with a specific example, for the
above I would have to change ttvdb.py_81388 to tmdb3tv.py_1655
if I wanted to use the tmdb3tv source [1]. But if I find the rule,
clear the inetref field and search for metadata, that should
automatically select the right _nnnn suffix?

Thanks for getting out in front of this change.

[1] https://www.themoviedb.org/tv/1655

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