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John Hoyt john.hoyt at gmail.com
Thu Feb 11 20:33:56 UTC 2021

James, first thank you for helping test this!  It's hard to find all of the
issues without a third party, and your help here will only make the
buildscript better,

> jam at ws130 ~ % ./compileMythfrontendAnsible_31.zsh
> ./compileMythfrontendAnsible_31.zsh:148: substring expression: -1 < 0

So this appears to be an issue with different zsh versions on macOS.  Some
like indexing with negative values, others don't, and all of them seem to
want a space before the indexing, etc.

At any rate, I believe I can eliminate the FFMPEG path check in the script
that tripped you up now that I have the mythtv ffmpeg / macports ffmpeg
pathing issues resolved in the script.  I've just posted a version to
source that eliminates that code that tripped you up to the usual
SourceForge spot.

Please let me know if this does or does not work for you.  If it does work,
I'll roll this into a push request sometime this weekend when I make a
separate push request for a minor update to ansible.

BTW - I tracked down the libjpeg issue I had in my build to a local
configuration issue (which I hope my asible updates will resolve).  Per
Craig's suggestion (thanks once again Craig!), I looked into what ports
still had libjpeg vs libjpeg-turbo dependencies.  qt5-webkit (our crash
culprit) was the only one hanging onto libjpeg.  Telling macports to
uninstall libjpeg then issuing a "port rev-upgrade" triggered a recompile
of qt5-webkit and everything worked from there.
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