[mythtv-users] AudioOutputGraph progress

John Pilkington johnpilk222 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 11 16:47:46 UTC 2021

Hi Mark :  Thanks for looking at this (among much else).  I have b15f981 
running in F32 and have looked at a recorded GTS (Greenwich Time Signal) 
on BBC Radio 4.  A good AOG could be helpful for editing radio, while 
for video the picture provides the most important editing clues.

In radio the positioning isn't accurate or repeatable - and the display 
timescale varies too.  My recording began 2 minutes early, and the 
'imaginary' video frame rate is 25 fps.  Hence the start of the final 
pip should be at 3000 frames, and the start of the first at 2875.

Stopping playback at the first audible pip shows a frame count around 
2810, while the first to show in the AOG has been around 2720 and the 
last around 2830.  In the past, only step sizes in radio down to 1 
second have worked reasonably well.

I tried making improvements in this some time ago, but my efforts seemed 
more likely to break things than yield improvements.  I hope and expect 
that you can do better :-)


John P

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