[mythtv-users] lossless_cut.py and MythTV v31

Ray Parrish rparrish at gmail.com
Wed Feb 3 00:02:15 UTC 2021

I had been using the lossless_cut python scripts to cut commercials out of
my H264 recordings for some time with MythTV v30 under Ubuntu 16 from the
mythbuntu repos.

I recently upgraded to Ubuntu 18 and Mythtv v31, and I see that the
preference there is for python3. I see a couple of possible solution paths.

1. Adapt the scripts to use Python3 and the respective MythTV bindings.

2. Build the MythTV python bindings against python2 and get them installed
and used.

3. Install a packaged version of the bindings built against python2.

Has anyone taken any of these paths successfully?

I haven't found any other free (as in beer) toolsets that let me cut
commercials out and preserve the subtitle tracks. So Windows or Linux
recommendations there are also welcome.

Thank you all in advance.
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