[mythtv-users] Seeking during recording

Mark Goldberg marklgoldberg at gmail.com
Wed Apr 28 12:25:18 UTC 2021

I'm running mythtv on Fedora 32, version


Recently, I've noticed some confusion seeking while watching something that
is still recording. As it gets near the time when I first started watching,
it jumps to the end showing the wrong time and cannot seek backward.  For
example, if I start watching 30 minutes into a one hour show, as it gets
past 30 minutes, it cannot seek forward or backward. If I stop watching and
start again, it can seek to the current time when I started watching again.
For example, if it got stuck at 30 minutes and I stop watching and restart
at 40 minutes, it can then seek up to 40 minutes and will exhibit the issue
again at that time. I am not sure when this behaviour started.

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