[mythtv-users] Mythzmserver DB problems. Was: doesn't start:...

Paul Harrison mythtv at mythqml.net
Tue Apr 27 00:43:27 UTC 2021

On 26/04/2021 21:02, A. F. Cano wrote:

> Summary:
> getZMSetting: ZM_SHM_KEY Result: 0x7a6d0000
> Shared memory key is: 0x7a6d0000
> Failed to get mysql row
> ...
> Failed to open mmap file [/zm.mmap.2] for monitor: 2 : No such file or directory
> Falling back to the legacy shared memory method
> Failed to shmget for monitor: 2
> ENOENT - no segment exists for the given key
> ...
> getZMSetting: ZM_PATH_MAP Result:
> Memory path directory is:
> I wonder if this ZM_PATH_MAP needs to be set explicitly and if so what
> needs to be the value.  Shared memory seems to be the problem.  Or is
> this obtained from the mysql row that fails?

OK thanks for the log I think I see what's happening now.

In older versions of ZM < 1.32.0 the shared memory path was stored in 
the database Config table as setting "ZM_PATH_MAP" but newer version >= 
1.32.0 put the ZM_PATH_MAP setting in the
/etc/zm/zm.conf or in /etc/zm/conf.d/01-system-paths.conf config files.

When mythzmserver starts up it first looks for the ZM_VERSION setting to 
figure out which version of ZM we have and if it is >= 1.32.0 it looks 
for the ZM_PATH_MAP setting in either of the two *.conf files. If it's 
not found then as a last resort looks for the ZM_PATH_MAP setting in the 
database which it looks like that setting was removed from the database 
in newer versions which is why you get the 'Failed to get mysql row' 
error messages. I use 1.34.26 and no longer see that setting in the DB 

So basically you need to make sure one of the two *.conf files contains 
a setting for ZM_PATH_MAP (the Ubuntu packages I use do this 
automatically, I'm guessing the deb_multimedia packages use a different 
name/location for the user config file at 

My ZM_PATH_MAP setting is in /etc/zm/conf.d/01-system-paths.conf and 
looks like this :-

# Full Path to ZoneMinder's mapped memory files
# The web account user must have full read/write permission to this folder.

Paul H.

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