[mythtv-users] Mythzmserver doesn't start: "This version of ZM is to old you need 1.24.0 or later ''"

A. F. Cano afc54 at comcast.net
Sun Apr 25 21:17:22 UTC 2021

Hello everyone,


MythTV 30.0+fixes20210328.git7d297b1fb8-dm from deb-multimedia, on Debian
10.9 (stable) totally up-to-date.
Mythzoneminder 1:30.0+fixes20200514.gitc6b20b072e- also from deb-multimetia.
Zoneminder 2:1.32.3-dmo4+deb10v2

As is obvious, the error message:

  "This version of ZM is to old you need 1.24.0 or later ''"

is not true since I'm running 1.32.  Additioanlly, mythzmserver also
looks for the zm configuration in /etc/zm.conf.  In Debian it is in
/etc/zm/zm.conf so I had to attempt to start mythzmserver like this:

$ sudo mythzmserver -c /etc/zm/zm.conf
loading zm config from /etc/zm/zm.conf
This version of ZM is to old you need 1.24.0 or later ''

This happens whether zoneminder is running or not.

Mythtv has been running just fine in other respects.  Before I set up
zoneminder, going to the zoneminder page in mythtv did nothing.  After I
changed the location from to localhost there is a brief pop-up
on front-end startup that says: "Can't connect to the mythzmserver".
Zoneminder works fine from the web browser.  I have changed nothing in
the default configuration of zoneminder.

Any ideas as to why mythzmserver is failing to start?  I have added myself
to the www-data group and the video group has me in it as well as mythtv,
motion and www-data.  Is anyone aware of a fix or work-around?



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