[mythtv-users] Warning OpenGL not available?

Jim Abernathy jfabernathy at gmail.com
Sun Apr 25 11:27:43 UTC 2021

On 4/25/21 7:21 AM, Paul Harrison wrote:
> On 25/04/2021 12:07, Jim Abernathy wrote:
>> I occasionally watch Mythtv with mythfrontend on my dual monitor PC 
>> on one screen while doing something else.  This morning I tried 
>> launching mythfrontend and as it started the upper right had a 
>> temporary message saying: "Warning: OpenGL not available"
>> I basically could not play anything. I have been on the 4/19/2021 
>> version 31 on frontend and backend for several days with no issues. I 
>> could use VLC and copy the ASX link from mythweb for a recording and 
>> it played fine.
>> So I finally rebooted and it fixed itself. Not sure what happened, 
>> but watch out.
>> Jim A
> MythTV now effectively requires working OpenGL. It will fall back to 
> the Qt painter if it's not available but as you found that completely 
> disables video playback and you will probably find many rendering 
> problems in the GUI.
> Don't know if it's related but for the first time ever I saw something 
> similar using a QML based program. I rebooted and haven't seen it 
> since though \0/. I wonder if a Qt update or NVidia driver update or 
> something has broken something? Are you using the NVidia propitiatory 
> driver?
> Paul H.

It's a Nvidia GT 710 with 450.119.03 and I got an update a week or so 
ago.  My PC with the GT 1030 is on 460.

Anyway, it's working after the reboot

Jim A

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