[mythtv-users] Frontend crash-restart loop on no backend

DryHeat122 dryheat122 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 20 01:07:06 UTC 2021

I just had a very frustrating experience that I wanted to report because
I'm sure this couldn't be the intended design.

I changed my router, which uses a different default gateway, so it hosed
the hard IP address I had coded into the backend.  I mistakenly started the
frontend and it put up a dialog called startup status or something, and of
course it couldn't connect to the backend.

One of the buttons on that screen is exit. I clicked and confirmed and it
exited. But I got a notification saying the frontend crashed unexpectedly
and would restart, which led me back into the process over and over.

The restart is not the expected outcome of exiting, and it comes so fast
it's hard to open a terminal window, etc., before it does. I finally
managed, but it was not fun.

This problem could be eliminated if a normal exit (rather than a crash)
were registered when one hits that exit button.
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