[mythtv-users] Metadata is generic in v31

Paul Gardiner lists at glidos.net
Fri Oct 9 08:46:40 UTC 2020

On 08/10/2020 19:40, Roland Ernst wrote:
> Paul,
> I run myself multiple Atoms with Nvidia ION Graphics as frontend and
> started to test mythtv v31 on that frontends.
> I really want to keep them, as long as possible.
> Maybe I can reproduce your setup.
> Some questions:
>   - nfsv3 or nfsv4?


>   - export options on server?

Here's the client line from /etc/exports:
   /tftpboot/ptang-mythtv  *(rw,root_squash,sync,no_subtree_check)

>   - mount options on client?

Here's the server line from /etc/mtab:
   glidos.site:/tftpboot/ptang-mythtv /home/mythfrontend/.mythtv nfs4 
0 0

> Do you have SELinux installed or is AppArmor running ?

No, neither of those.

>  >> if I blow the cache, the frontend cannot retrieve.
> Please give me some time to reproduce this setup.
> Thx for all your effort on supporting this issue,
> Roland

No, thank you! :-)

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