[mythtv-users] V31 High Quality Software Deinterlacing

John Pilkington johnpilk222 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 29 12:20:08 UTC 2020

On 29/03/2020 12:21, John wrote:
> since updating from v31-Pre-1967-gc3d433f7a2 to v31-Pre-2036-g76fedd7758
> High quality software de-interlacing is causing me audio sync issues
> Using the same settings for video profile ie just changing the version 
> of mythtv - not touching the profile
> v31-Pre-1967-gc3d433f7a2
>   mythvideoout.cpp:393 (SetDeinterlacing) VideoOutput: SetDeinterlacing 
> (Doublerate 1): Single High|CPU|GLSL Double High|CPU
> v31-Pre-2036-g76fedd7758
> mythvideoout.cpp:393 (SetDeinterlacing) VideoOutput: SetDeinterlacing 
> (Doublerate 1): Single High|CPU|GLSL|DRIVER Double High|CPU|GLSL|DRIVER
> How do I get the newer version to use Single High|CPU|GLSL Double 
> High|CPU which works.
> By the same token how do you return a video profile to default. ie if 
> you delete all custom settings does it return to default or just stop 
> working.

I suppose the trouble there is that 'default' has been changing - 
frequently; the code will define it at each stage, and if you want 
something different you need to use the setup options (?)

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