[mythtv-users] Repairing corrupt recordings with dd

Leo Butler leo.butler81 at googlemail.com
Sat Jun 27 20:13:47 UTC 2020

John Pilkington <johnpilk222 at gmail.com> writes:

> Some time ago I spent longer than was reasonable trying to get ffmpeg
> to cut h264 recordings; eventually it worked fairly well but only with
> a pre-run to reject all but 1 video and 1 audio stream - and playback
> needs to be working to establish the cutpoints.

Strange. I use the ffmpeg concat filter to trim and transcode my
recordings to use an mkv container. The exact same script does
{.mpg,.ts,.mkv} -> .mkv without any fiddling of the options I pass to
ffmpeg and without having to drop any audio streams.

Of course, I use mythfrontend to set the cut points, so this is not
relevant to DaveD's problem.


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