[mythtv-users] New IP address not used by Database

Barry Martin barry3martin at gmail.com
Wed Jun 24 12:59:19 UTC 2020

Hi Stephen!

> As direct updates to the database are potentially disastrous, it is
> better not to have people who do not fully understand them doing them
> without supervision.  You really need to do the right queries to
> understand what is in the database before you do any updates.  And
> then be very careful how the update is done.  It is like that old
> adage in the building trade - measure twice, cut once.  A runaway
> update command is like a chainsaw that has its trigger stuck down and
> has escaped its owners grip - flopping around destroying things at
> random!
> I think there is probably a way to get mythtv-setup to run in the
> situation you had by using a command line override to give it the
> right IP address setting.  But messing around with working that out
> would have taken a while, so I gave you a customised database update
> as a fix that we could do today to get you going again.  I wrote it
> around 14:00, then went out for an hour or so and checked it again
> when I got back before I sent the email.

Makes sense. As always I do appreciate all the time and testing you (and 
of course the others) have put into my problem. What looks like a simple 
fix on the surface is more complicated as one tries to find the source.

<Rhetorical rambling> I don’t know if I stumbled across a bug or because 
of a something unique in by overall configuration, but the updating of 
the IP value in the GUI wasn’t taking/changing the environmental (?) 
value.   One reason for detailing what I saw on this end to you folks 
helping. Perhaps my issue will help strengthen the code.

Again, thank you very much!


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