[mythtv-users] New IP address not used by Database

Barry Martin barry3martin at gmail.com
Mon Jun 22 19:48:51 UTC 2020

Hi Bill!

> Is there another backend running?
Nope. It’s the third Backend since starting with MythTV. I’m just not 
all that great at coming up with device names,

> BackendServerAddr isn't used when running mythtv-setup.

OK – thought maybe it was giving a clue as to why the Setup Screen is 
saying one thing and something else is looking at another.

> I'd disconnect this backend (backend-3) from the LAN and try again.
> Use mythtv-setup.real -v upnp # pastebin the output if this doesn't help.

Figure out which Ethernet cable (well, at least some are identified! 
...Now this one is!)

myth-setup ==> database fails to start. Take out the .3, re-insert, 
save, exit.

mythfilldatabase – hmm: wonder why the complaints? (Ethernet still 
unplugged, on purpose.)

Plug Ethernet back in. mythtv-setup – back to the 1.General screen. 
Exit; whatever it went in to automatically seeing the old 

Do pastebin stuff…. trying “mythtv-setup.real -v upnp” as I’m 
interpreting the octothorpe as a comment character. (Will find out!)

Old IP is – find showing two hits.

New IP is – bunch of hits. Too bad majority doesn’t rule! <g>

Bill Meek 3.txt at https://pastebin.com/Q7m2Rv2r

Good luck and Thank you!


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