[mythtv-users] Using XMLTV source with mythexternrecorder keeps adding additional channels

Stephen Worthington stephen_agent at jsw.gen.nz
Tue Jun 16 04:28:26 UTC 2020

On Tue, 16 Jun 2020 15:13:52 +1200, you wrote:

>I've got two IPTV recorders defined that utilise the same xmltv feed.
>IPTVNZ is a FreeBox device
> - 12 channels defined via iptv-nz.m3u8
> - Video Source IPTV_NZ  -> NZ xmltv epg feed with 30 channels
>VLCNZ is an EXTERNAL device with 16 channels defined via
> - 16 channels defined via vlc-nz-channels.conf
> - Video Source VLC_NZ  -> NZ xmltv epg feed with 30 channels
>The grabber uses the same EPG data but I have two different sources to
>avoid confusion.
>running mythfilldatabase the IPTVNZ channel listing stays the same and any
>non-matching channels in the EPG file are flagged and ignored.
>2020-06-16 14:57:05.029634 I  XMLTV config file is:
>/home/mythfe/.mythtv/IPTV NZ.xmltv
>2020-06-16 14:57:06.035537 N  Unknown xmltv channel identifier: tv.11 -
>Skipping channel.
>2020-06-16 14:57:06.035737 N  Unknown xmltv channel identifier: tv.12 -
>Skipping channel.
>2020-06-16 14:57:06.717274 N  Unknown xmltv channel identifier: tv.21 -
>Skipping channel.
>Whilst with the EXTERNAL Feed the additional channels, which I don't want
>to load into my MythTV environment, get added against the "VLC NZ"
>2020-06-16 14:57:14.592501 I  XMLTV config file is:
>/home/mythfe/.mythtv/VLC NZ.xmltv
>2020-06-16 14:57:20.231268 I  Updated programs: 53 Unchanged programs: 5499
>2020-06-16 14:57:20.262160 N  Data fetching complete.
>These are both using the same EPG data file https://i.mjh.nz/nz/epg.xml.gz
>so I don't understand why one tuner/source works as I expect and the other
>tuner doesn't.
>I've taken a look at the code under
> - libs/libmythtv/programdata.cpp
>and in theory it should work as I expect. At present the only work around
>I've got is to tag the unwanted channels as NOT visible.

If you add "--only-update-guide" to the mythfilldatabase command line,
that will prevent it from doing any channel updates or adds.  If you
are running mythfilldatabase internally from mythbackend, you may need
to turn that off and run it externally from systemd or a cron job in
order to add that option.

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