[mythtv-users] Using XMLTV source with mythexternrecorder keeps adding additional channels

OpenMedia Support support at openmedia.co.nz
Tue Jun 16 03:13:52 UTC 2020

I've got two IPTV recorders defined that utilise the same xmltv feed.

IPTVNZ is a FreeBox device
 - 12 channels defined via iptv-nz.m3u8
 - Video Source IPTV_NZ  -> NZ xmltv epg feed with 30 channels

VLCNZ is an EXTERNAL device with 16 channels defined via
 - 16 channels defined via vlc-nz-channels.conf
 - Video Source VLC_NZ  -> NZ xmltv epg feed with 30 channels

The grabber uses the same EPG data but I have two different sources to
avoid confusion.

running mythfilldatabase the IPTVNZ channel listing stays the same and any
non-matching channels in the EPG file are flagged and ignored.

2020-06-16 14:57:05.029634 I  XMLTV config file is:
/home/mythfe/.mythtv/IPTV NZ.xmltv
2020-06-16 14:57:06.035537 N  Unknown xmltv channel identifier: tv.11 -
Skipping channel.
2020-06-16 14:57:06.035737 N  Unknown xmltv channel identifier: tv.12 -
Skipping channel.
2020-06-16 14:57:06.717274 N  Unknown xmltv channel identifier: tv.21 -
Skipping channel.

Whilst with the EXTERNAL Feed the additional channels, which I don't want
to load into my MythTV environment, get added against the "VLC NZ"

2020-06-16 14:57:14.592501 I  XMLTV config file is:
/home/mythfe/.mythtv/VLC NZ.xmltv
2020-06-16 14:57:20.231268 I  Updated programs: 53 Unchanged programs: 5499
2020-06-16 14:57:20.262160 N  Data fetching complete.

These are both using the same EPG data file https://i.mjh.nz/nz/epg.xml.gz
so I don't understand why one tuner/source works as I expect and the other
tuner doesn't.

I've taken a look at the code under
 - libs/libmythtv/programdata.cpp
and in theory it should work as I expect. At present the only work around
I've got is to tag the unwanted channels as NOT visible.

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