[mythtv-users] Can't get external recorder (HauppaugeUSB/Colossus2) to start

Neil Bird lists at fnxweb.com
Sat Jun 13 21:03:36 UTC 2020

On 13/06/2020 21:30, John P Poet wrote:
> I am betting your whole problem is an issue with the channel change
> script. If you are sure it is working okay, then please post a complete
> log from mythbackend. Run mythbackend with "-v channel,record" to get
> good information. Also, the log from hauppauge2 could be useful as well.

  Thanks for the reply, John, much appreciated, as is your Hauppauge

  The channel script is fine, it's an adaptation of the older one I was
using with an IguanaIR reader/blaster, but edited to run sky-remote-cli
to network-control my SkyQ box.  I pretty much managed to prove it
wasn't even being run for some reason.

  I can't explain it, but on a whim I created a brand new Source, and
populated it afresh, hands-off, with mythfilldatabase, then attached my
new card to that instead of the older source.

  And that seems to have worked!

  I guess there's something in that old source (that I've been dragging
around in my Myth config. since 2004!) that something just didn't like.
 Pass;  from what I know, it should have just worked by attaching it to
the new card.  The old source was back from when lots of things had to
be manually curated, especially STB-related stuff, so I've been very
wary of fiddling with my old Sky [UK satellite STB] settings, and the
listings fetching is heavily controlled.

  I've largely left the satellite side of things untouched since way
back then, I'm only having to change now since I moved house and had to
get a SkyQ box because of a fresh dish installation (vs. the very old
1st. gen pre-Sky+ digibox I've been using).

  Nomatter, it looks like it's happy, and I'm running a flurry of test
recordings now, the two of which have happened so far seem happy.  I can
wipe out the old card and source and related scripting in a few days
when it's bedded down.

  With a big side benefit that since I can use the new source without
trying to be too careful any more, I think mythfilldatabase+SD will
correct the channel numbers when Sky feck around with them (instead of
me manually having to do it when I notice recordings aren't right).

  I'm currently a very happy chappy.

  Thanks again.

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