[mythtv-users] Methods of view Mythtv recordings on new PC

jam jam at tigger.ws
Mon Jun 8 02:51:47 UTC 2020

> On 7 Jun 2020, at 6:28 pm, Jim Abernathy <jfabernathy at gmail.com> wrote:
> I just picked up a new PC from Dell and it of course has Windows 10. I know Mythfrontend doesn't work on Win10 but thought about using the ASX Streaming on the mythweb recording tab. The default player on Windows can't deal with the ASX file.
> So my question is, is ASX the best way to play MPEG2 mythtv recordings on a Windows 10 PC?
> I have Kodi with kodi-pvr-mythtv working but looking for the best way.
> mythweb works for controlling recordings just fine on any browser.
> Does running Ubuntu in Virtualbox have enough horsepower? Does vlc work?
> BTW, the PC is a 10th gen Core i7 with Nvidia GFX as well as internal.
> Any advice?

You asked for opinions:

I would not, for 1 second, consider keeping Win10 over your selection of linux

There are painful but good reasons for keeping osx on a macbook. Here a VM running mythtv is (except for a small delay) pretty much normal. I use parallels and Virtual Box.


PS painful reasons include keyboard, mouse, wifi, bluetooth sound don’t work. Apple, for their many faults, do make the trackpad work nicely

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