[mythtv-users] FireWire channel changer crapped out

John Hoyt john.hoyt at gmail.com
Fri Jul 31 23:04:50 UTC 2020

>  I'm fortunate enough to have another Ubuntu box, so I ordered an
> inexpensive PCI-E firewire card for it, which allowed me to test.  On the
> test box plugreport showed the set-top-box.  The card came with a full-size
> to mini-size firewire cable, which I connected to the other 1394 socket on
> my original machine, and voila, plugreport on that machine showed the
> set-top-box.  So it seems that either the mini-size socket on my original
> machine went bad, or the mini-to-mini cable went bad.  I have no idea how
> that can happen to things sitting there undisturbed, but there you have
> it.  So this is SOLVED.

Out of curiosity, what firewire card and more specifically what chipset is
it using?

In the past I could only ever get TI-based firewire chipsets to work
reliably in Linux.  All of my current STBs have abandoned firewire, but
knowing what cards work in Linux could be useful if I end up switching
providers to ones with firewire in the future.  I found using the firewire
channel changing far more reliable / easier to configure across OS upgrades
than the lirc based approach I currently employ.
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