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>> Interesting. For me:
>> bem echo \$HOME
>> Is a different result to:
>> bem echo $HOME
> That is because, in the latter case, $HOME is expanded in your current
> shell, before the command line is executed. When the $ is escaped, as in
> the first example, then the "$HOME" is expanded  when the echo command is
> actually executed, in a sudo subshell.
> I would expect the second case to produce the same result as just doing
> "echo $HOME".
> --Greg
> Exactly. I'm puzzled as to how others don't get the expansion in the
> originating shell in the latter case but as others have said wiki works for
> them.
> I'm one of the ones who says I follow the wiki verbatim. However, I
haven't studied it in a while since I just go to the section on installing
XMLTV and then the section on the tv_grab_zz_sdjson_sqlite grabber setup.
Once I realized the key was to do those commands as user 'mythtv' I always
did my standard switching users as sudo su mythtv. BTW, I make sure user
mythtv has the bash shell as it's default so you can see the user and
current directory before the $ on every command.  My first steps anytime
I've just switched users is to; 'whoami' and 'pwd' to make sure.  I'm the
guy who did del *.* in CPU back in the '80 from root and learned to triple
check where I am and who I am before anything important. When you are as
old as I am you really have to do that :-)

Jim A
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