[mythtv-users] mythtv XMLTV wiki instructions

A. F. Cano afc54 at comcast.net
Wed Jul 29 23:54:53 UTC 2020

On Wed, Jul 29, 2020 at 04:48:05PM -0400, James Abernathy wrote:
>    On Wed, Jul 29, 2020 at 2:20 PM Mark Perkins <[1]perkins1724 at hotmail.com>
>    wrote:
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>      From: James Abernathy <[2]jfabernathy at gmail.com>
>      Sent: Thursday, 30 July 2020 2:02 am
>      To: Discussion about MythTV
>      Subject: [mythtv-users] mythtv XMLTV wiki instructions
>        I noticed the addition of:
>        Be sure to read: [3]#MythTV_Setup. Hint: sudo --login --user=mythtv
>        in the mythtv xmltv wiki.  I normally just sudo su mythtv and then do
>        all the commands to set up the XMLTV.  However today I thought I just
>        see how prefacing the normal instructions with the sudo --login --user
>        mythtv and got an error message on on the second command in the
>        setting up with tv_grab_zz_sdjson_sqlite:
>        jim at mythbuntu:~$ sudo --login --user=mythtv tv_grab_zz_sdjson_sqlite
>        --configure --config-file $HOME/.mythtv/SD.xmltv
>        Failed to write to /home/jim/.mythtv/SD.xmltv.TMP at
>        /usr/local/share/perl/5.30.0/XMLTV/Configure.pm line 187.
>        Not sure why and just thought I'd report it. 
>        I'll stick to my tried and true method of just sudo su mythtv and then
>        do all the work. And when I did it this time I just initialized and it
>        all worked.
>        Jim A
>      What does this return?
>      sudo --login --user=mythtv echo $HOME
>      And how does it compare to:
>      sudo su mythtv
>      echo $HOME
>    Yeap, it different:
>    jim at mythbuntu:~$ sudo --login --user=mythtv echo $HOME
>    [sudo] password for jim:
>    /home/jim
>    jim at mythbuntu:~$ sudo su mythtv
>    mythtv at mythbuntu:/home/jim$ echo $HOME
>    /home/mythtv
>    mythtv at mythbuntu:/home/jim$
>    Jim A

Interestingly, on Debian 10/stable (up to date) I get the same $HOME:

<custom-prompt> sudo --login --user=mythtv
$ echo $HOME
$ ^D
<custom-prompt> sudo su mythtv
<custom-prompt> echo $HOME
<custom-prompt> ^D

The only difference is that with the --login option it executes a login
shell, which does reset the PS1 variable, which is otherwise not changed
in the second case.  I set PS1 to a <custom-prompt> in ~/.bash_aliases,
called from ~/.bashrc.

This is probably how it's supposed to work.


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