[mythtv-users] How does Myth 31 handle HDHomeRun devices with multiple tuners?

DryHeat122 dryheat122 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 28 22:29:33 UTC 2020

On Tue, Jul 28, 2020 at 10:52 AM Jim Abernathy <jfabernathy at gmail.com>

> On 7/28/20 1:06 PM, DryHeat122 wrote:
> > I just got a new Myth 31 built and working with an HDHR Connect Duo.
> > On my previous 0.28 install, I had to install separate capture cards
> > for the second tuner.  When I tried this in 31, setup couldn't find
> > the second device.  Does Myth now manage multiple tuners through one
> > capture card configuration?
> >
> In mythtv-setup -> Capture Card you will add 2 tuners for a HDHR Connect
> Duo. Each entry will be the same. Select HDHR as the type of tuner and
> click the box for the IP and id number of the one it finds. You may or
> may not want to disable the active EIT use which keeps that tuner from
> being used by anyone else, like an iPad.
> The second tuner will be added exactly the same.  Then when your Video
> source configured, usually outside of mythtv, you'll move on to Input
> Connections. You'll have 2 to fill out. Only need to run scan on the
> first.  You may or may not want to change the max recordings in the
> Interaction between tuners.
> Jim A

I should have been more clear in the original post.  I tried to do exactly
this, add a second capture card for the HDHR.  When I selected that type of
capture card and entered the setup for it, it created a duplicate entry of
the first one, i.e. same device number [HOMERUN: 10668BF0].  I believe in
my last setup the 0 in last char of the device number changed to 1 for the
second tuner.  I went ahead with the setup but when I tried to exit it told
me I had insufficiently different device names, or something like that, and
warned I should fix it.

Do the two tuners have different IP addresses or different ports on the
same IP address?  I initially couldn't get the HDHR configured until I
added a firewall rule for its IP address. OTOH I don't see anything in the
UFW log about it.

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