[mythtv-users] Help in upgrading.

R. Ramesh rramesh at verizon.net
Tue Jul 14 19:59:40 UTC 2020

I still use mythbuntu 14.04 (MythTV Version : v0.27.6-28-g6fb800d) and 
have not upgraded. It is increasingly become obvious that I need to 
upgrade. Recently, I found out that mythbuntu is nolonger a 
distribution. So, I am guessing that my path should be to install ubuntu 
desktop 20.04, and then install mythtv manually. Is there a known guide 
for this? I see general guides and messages on this list, but would like 
to know if there is a known documented/recommended procedure. I prefer 
to use something that covers all angles, instead of finding gotchas on 
the way. Last time I tried it a long time ago, I had to give up and 
stick to 14.04. Hopefully, I have better luck this time.


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