[mythtv-users] mythtv cannot connect to database

George Bingham georgeb1962 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 9 19:42:00 UTC 2020

Hello all,

I've had a functioning 31 fixes combo fe/be running for a few weeks.

Today I got frontend 31 installed on a laptop and so I am trying to enable
it to access the backend.

To that end I know I have to set mysql to accept connections from the
network, but my attempts don't seem to be working.

I have in /etc/mysql two "bind-address" lines, one in conf.d/mythtv.cnf,
and one in mysql.conf.d/mysqld.cnf. They are both set to the IP address of
my mythtv backend machine (where the database is running too).

When I start either mythtv-setup, I get the screen where it's not able to
connect to the database.  Starting the backend similarly results in the
lines attempting to access the database repeatedly in the backend log file.

Similarly, cannot connect from the frontend machine either.

I CAN connect from the laptop (remote frontend) via mysql directly however,
so I know the database is running and able to accept networked connections.
I just don't know what's going wrong with either the backend or the
frontend not being able to connect.

I am sure it's something simple, but currently at a loss!


-- George
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