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Stephen Worthington stephen_agent at jsw.gen.nz
Sun Jul 5 03:38:31 UTC 2020

On Sat, 4 Jul 2020 21:45:41 -0400, you wrote:

>I have frontends running on two different machines, both compiled from 
>the same code, and running the same theme. On one if I pick "watch 
>viedo" it goes directly into a screen with a bunch of folders separated 
>by date, and an "all" folder with all the individual videos in a flat 
>display even if they came from a series of episodes from a subdirectory. 
>This is not very usable.
>On the other there is no "watch videos" but a "video" menu item that 
>leads to a bunch of choices "Browse Videos", "Video List" "Video 
>Gallery", "Video Manger", .... I happen to like the Video Gallery, which 
>shows all the Videos  and preserves the hierarchy.
>How do I get the latter menu behavior on the first frontend?

From in the Videos display:

M(enu) > Change View

It should be available on both frontends.  What theme are you using?
That can affect things.  I am using MythCenter-wide.  But the order
and names of the menus should not change with the theme - from the
main menu, it should always be:

Media Library > Watch Videos

to get to the videos.  On the frontend where you get only the menu
with all those choices, I suspect that you do not have any video files
accessible, so it is popping up the Change View menu automatically.

Are your videos stored in storage groups, or local directories on your
frontend boxes?  That also affects things.  Storage groups are
accessed from the backend and are the same on any frontend.  The old
local directories are relative to each frontend and if you have the
videos on the backend, you will need to have network paths to them
that you can see on each frontend.

If you are able to do database queries, running this on your backend
will show all the settings for the frontends where local video
directories are set:

select * from settings where value='VideoStartupDir';

Or you can see them on each frontend in:

Setup > Media Settings > Videos Settings > General Settings >
Directories that hold videos

The storage groups can be shown with:

select * from storagegroup where groupname='Videos' order by

You can also use mythtv-setup to see the storage groups:

mythtv-setup > 7. Storage Directories > 'Videos' storage group

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