[mythtv-users] Video Menu

Ken Mandelberg km at mathcs.emory.edu
Sun Jul 5 01:45:41 UTC 2020

I have frontends running on two different machines, both compiled from 
the same code, and running the same theme. On one if I pick "watch 
viedo" it goes directly into a screen with a bunch of folders separated 
by date, and an "all" folder with all the individual videos in a flat 
display even if they came from a series of episodes from a subdirectory. 
This is not very usable.

On the other there is no "watch videos" but a "video" menu item that 
leads to a bunch of choices "Browse Videos", "Video List" "Video 
Gallery", "Video Manger", .... I happen to like the Video Gallery, which 
shows all the Videos  and preserves the hierarchy.

How do I get the latter menu behavior on the first frontend?

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