[mythtv-users] One more time with Myth and Xorg locking up

Allen Edwards allen.p.edwards at gmail.com
Sat Feb 29 06:17:28 UTC 2020

Continuing saga of my lockups.

Tonight myth locked up while wife was watching a show. She watched about 3
minutes of the whow and it locked up with this message in mythfrontend.log

*Feb 28 21:47:49 NewMyth mythfrontend.real: mythfrontend[1148]: E Decoder
mythplayer.cpp:3504 (DecoderGetFrame) Player(e): Decoder timed out waiting
for free video buffers.*

I issued this command:
sudo systemctl restart display-manager. The display went blank and stayed
that way for more than 5 minutes.

At that time I went upstairs to another computer and used PuTTY to log in
and top to see that Xorg (22455) was running 100% CPU. I did *sudo kill -9
22455* several times but could not kill it. Still Xorg was at between 99.7
and 100% cpu.

I did *sudo kill -9 1148* (mythfrontend) a few times and then repeated the
kill of Xorg and the system came back.

On my previous version of mythtv, I could do CTRL-ALT-BS and restart the
server but now that only works when the system is not locked up. It works
fine then after a bunch of mods to run myth as a process and not as a
service among other things.

This happens every few months and is annoying. My hope is that what I have
written above will be a good clue to someone to help me figure out what is
going on.

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