[mythtv-users] mythfilldatabase running when backend starts on V31

Bill Meek keemllib at gmail.com
Wed Feb 19 15:14:28 UTC 2020

On 2/19/20 9:08 AM, Jim Abernathy wrote:
> On 2/19/20 9:57 AM, Bill Meek wrote:
>> On 2/17/20 6:17 AM, Jim Abernathy wrote:
>>> When I reboot, mythfilldatabase is running and updating the schedules.
>>> However, I have it to run in the window from 0300 and 0500 and running at the recommended time is not checked.
>>> Is there another setting they keeps mythfilldatabase from running at boot?
>>> This is on my V31 Ubuntu 18.04 development system.
>> Turned recommended time off and set my hours to 3-5. Does the same as
>> you're seeing. I didn't check Trac to see if it's already reported.
> I'm sorry to says I don't know how to check Trac or report it.
> Is Trac something a user should be familiar with or only developers??

Both. mythtv.org (at the top under Support->Bugs) will get you here:



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