[mythtv-users] mythtv-users Digest, Vol 203, Issue 3

James Linder jam at tigger.ws
Tue Feb 4 01:03:29 UTC 2020

> On 3 Feb 2020, at 8:00 pm, mythtv-users-request at mythtv.org wrote:
>> I?ve had dozens of NUC sucumb to the problem of needing a recent kernel to support the hardware including sound.
>> Frankly, since I?ve got the tee-shirt
>> - Install a modern distro
>> - test hw is working
> OK, got Devuan Ascii (amd64) installed, and aplay will make noises now.
> Mind you, that was fun. I tried various images, but all I got was "isolinux.bin is missing or corrupt" - I can't remember the last time I actually had to burn an image to CD rather than a USB stick !

This does not sound ok. I’ve made a usb stick for: xubuntu, lubuntu, debial (stretch), SuSE Leap. SuSE Tumbleweed, arch, various manjaro all of which work perfectly on a range of gen-5,6,7,8 nucs of various flavors (caleron, i3, i5).

> Do you think I stand any chance of getting a 0.24.1 frontend to run on it ? Unfortunately, I don't have any debs for the frontend, but on my backend I have all the backend and shared debs - just not the frontend one. I guess finding the right deb will be a challenge, deb-multimedia doesn't seem to keep anything that old.
> /var/cache/apt/archives$ ls -1 *myth*
> libmyth-0.24-0_0.24.1-0.0squeeze1_amd64.deb
> libmythavcodec52_0.24.1-0.0squeeze1_amd64.deb
> libmythavcore0_0.24.1-0.0squeeze1_amd64.deb
> libmythavformat52_0.24.1-0.0squeeze1_amd64.deb
> libmythavutil50_0.24.1-0.0squeeze1_amd64.deb
> libmythswscale0_0.24.1-0.0squeeze1_amd64.deb
> mythtv-backend_0.24.1-0.0squeeze1_amd64.deb
> mythtv-common_0.24.1-0.0squeeze1_all.deb
> mythtv-database_0.24.1-0.0squeeze1_all.deb
> mythtv-doc_0.24.1-0.0squeeze1_all.deb
> mythweb_0.24+fixes20110507-0.0_all.deb
> mythweb_0.24+fixes20111029-0.0squeeze1_all.deb
> python-mythtv_0.24.1-0.0squeeze1_all.deb
>> - play games to upgrade to a recent myth (you may have to upgrade in steps)
>> - run mythconverg-backup or at least do a mysqldump before you start. then use that as a recovery aid
> That's going to need somewhat more time to do.

The wiki details building, and it is very easy. To give an overview

apt-get install build essential
apt-get install apt-file    (that is so useful: apt-file update; apt-file search obscure.h)
follow the wiki to install ansible
make install

So instead of searching for debs, just build it

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